The EURO-Photo project aims at digitising historical pictures from archives of 10 leading European News Agencies, in order to make them available to Europeana, together with historical pictures at present already digitised.

Targeted digitisation, metadata enrichment and establishing interoperability with Europeana are the main goals of the project.

Complementary content will be digitised following a targeted/thematic approach, according to Europeana themes and major events and themes that end users will indicate as of interest. Enrichment of metadata will be carried out, following the same criteria and international technical standards adopted by news agencies (IPTC - International Press Telecommunications Council - standards www.iptc.org) that will guarantee interoperability with Europeana.

The number of pictures to be digitised during the project will be at least 150.000. Digitised content will be made available through Europeana immediately after digitisation.

Pictures will be available free of charge for educational or private use, duly taking into account IPR issues (low/medium resolution, at minimum 400 x 600 pixel + Watermark).

The project's objectives aligns with general objectives of the ICT PSP: "stimulate innovation and competitiveness and accelerate the development of a sustainable, competitive, innovative and inclusive information society, supporting activities to accelerate innovation and implementation of ICT based services and systems through the wider uptake and best use of ICT and the exploitation of digital content by citizens, governments and businesses".
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